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Reflective & Directional Kerbs


R E F L E C T I V E     K E R B S

Aeon's in association with Acme Paving Consultants Pte Ltd, Singapore, presents you with a cost effective product to ensure safety

Directional & Reflective Kerbs

Kerbs, including channels, quadrants, angles etc. are intended to separate surfaces at the same or at different levels to provide a physical and visual delineation or containment.

They also provide a separation between surfaces submitted to different kinds of traffic.

To improve visual contrast between surfaces, for example between footpaths and roadways, kerb units may be painted. These painted kerbs are not clearly visible to the motorist during wet conditions, especially at night. An innovatory development is the reflective directional K-7 kerb (patent PCT/SG00059), now used in Singapore. The units are manufactured with an integrated surface reflective-mix to provide an economic and more effective alternative to painted kerbs.


  • High strength units with integral reflective colouring.
  • Consistency in dimensional tolerances
  • Reduced need for cement mortar between kerb units
  • Consistency in colour
  • Provide permanent directional markings for traffic
  • Clearly visible at night and in adverse weather conditions
  • Eliminates the need for re-painting
  • Practically maintenance free
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for direction signs
  • Available in different colours
  • Generally self-cleansing

Directional Reflective Kerbs -

Applications - At

  • Crossroads
  • T-junctions
  • Slip Roads
  • Bus Bays
  • Road Curves
  • Other critical road bends and accident 'black spots'